Collection: Wholesale Fabrics

These fabrics are for 'WHOLESALE ONLY', shipped direct to you from the printer.  

Steps to printing wholesale with us:

STEP 1: Place your request (MOQ 10m per design)

In order to receive wholesale pricing, you will not receive any in-stock / warehouse fabrics.  Any order placed will be printed on demand and pre order timeframes apply.  All wholesale items must be paid in full PRIOR to printing commencement.  

STEP 2: Receive an order confirmation

Once you place your order you will receive an order confirmation and a member of our team will be in contact with you to confirm details of your print request.  Details we will require from you are:

  • Confirmation of fabric design and meterage
  • Printing schedule and expected timeframes. Please allow for up to 8-10 weeks from the date you receive confirmation from our team of the above details
  • Confirmation of delivery method.  All fabrics will be delivered via air freight.  

STEP 3: Fabric is printed

Printing of existing designs typically takes 30 days to complete.  You will need to allow for 8-10 weeks for the arrival of your designs from the commencement of bulk printing.

STEP 6: Delivery

Your fabrics will be delivered to your nominated address within 8-10 weeks of printing commencement.  Internal cardboard bolts will not be supplied in fabrics to allow for ease of postage and reduced weight.  

Price Breakdown:

Within your fabric pricing is the air freight from the printer direct to your nominated address.  This cost is calculated at time of booking shipping but is included in the price.  In most cases import taxes will be included within this price also, but it is important to note that if your order exceeds customs thresholds, you may be required to pay import taxes for your businesses GST.  You will be notified by the shipping agent if you are required to cover these costs.  

** please note, MOQ is 10m per design for bulk printing and the allowance is +/- 10% of each design base.  If your final numbers fall either above or below what you have ordered no additional costs will be incurred, nor refunded.  Please take into consideration this allowance when placing your order so that there is no disappointment as unfortunately final numbers fall outside of our control due to the bulk nature of this product.  Despite having quality checking completed by our offshore agent, it does not guarantee 100% accuracy.  As the wholesale product will not come to us prior to reaching you we will not be able to correct any faults of your final product.  Please take this into consideration, as once you place a wholesale order you accept any overseen faults within the print / final fabric products.