Shipping & Handling

All fabrics are sold 'WHOLESALE ONLY', shipped direct to you from our offshore agent. 

Shipping costs are a set amount and calculated at the time of order placement. All orders will be sent via express air freight from our offshore agent, with expected timeframes to be approximately 10-14 days (on top of printing times).

Once orders have been shipped with the international courier (usually FedEx), your tracking number will be provided to you via email. Timeframes may vary depending on the season and time of year your order is being shipped (i.e. Chinese New Year, public holidays, peak periods, etc.). Once you receive your tracking details you will be able to track your parcel and estimated timeframes via the applicable website. 

In most cases import taxes will be included within your total purchase price but it is important to note that if your order exceeds customs thresholds, you may be required to pay import taxes for your businesses GST.  You will be notified by the shipping agent if you are required to cover these costs.

** Please note, MOQ is 10m per design for bulk printing and the allowance is +/- 10% of each design base.  If your final numbers fall either above or below what you have ordered no additional costs will be incurred, nor refunded.  Please take into consideration this allowance when placing your order so that there is no disappointment as unfortunately final numbers fall outside of our control due to the bulk nature of this product.  Despite having quality checking completed by our offshore agent, it does not guarantee 100% accuracy.  As the wholesale product will not come to us prior to reaching you we will not be able to correct any faults of your final product.  Please take this into consideration, as once you place a wholesale order you accept any overseen faults and/or flaws within the print / final fabric products.